Guacamole Recipe with Essential Oils

I tried this guacamole recipe with essential oils a few weeks ago for the Super Bowl–and let me tell you, the guacamole was gone FAST! I’ve been wanting to experiment with the citrus oils such a lime, lemon, and grapefruit for a long time–I use them almost every day in my water but haven’t ventured too much into cooking. I love that Young Living makes an entire line of dietary essential oils called vitality oils that are specifically made to ingest and use in cooking. I will definitely be doing some more experimenting and ordering more vitality oils ASAP!

Oily Livin Guacamole Recipe With Essential Oils

This was also the perfect recipe to start cooking with oils because making guacamole is so easy. I wouldn’t have told you this a few years ago, but a girlfriend in college and my husband both taught me how to make my own guac through trial and error. Now I agree with them, it is so simple to make at home and tastes as good or better than what we get in restaurants! So, now that you’re pumped about trying oils in your guac recipe, here it is:

Guacamole Recipe Ingredients:

3 ripe (or slightly overripe) avocados

1 Roma tomato

about 1/4 cup white onion, diced

garlic powder, to taste

dash of cayenne pepper, to taste

5 drops lime essential oil

4 drops lemon essential oil


Peel and remove the pit from your avocados. (This can be a process and honestly I usually get my husband to help because he’s the expert.) I then diced the avocados and used the flat end of my knife to mush them up a bit.

Diced and mushed avocado

I then diced and added my Roma tomato and onion, and mixed in garlic powder and cayenne pepper. As you mix, the avocado should start to mush up a bit more. If I had a food processor I probably would have tried it that way but, alas, I mush it up the good ‘ole fashion way with a fork 🙂 I wasn’t sure how many drops of oil would be necessary so I did some taste testing at this point to figure it out. I settled on 5 drops of lime and 4 lemon, which I think was perfect and gave it a great citrusy flavor. If you’re not a big citrus fan, though, you might do less. Mix the oils in well and serve with your choice of chips!

Oily Livin Guacamole Recipe with Essential Oils Finished Guacamole
Finished guacamole with essential oils

This was the perfect addition to our Super Bowl meal, and would absolutely go great on Mexican night with a Corona or a margarita. I will absolutely be breaking this recipe out for Cinco de Mayo! I also cannot wait to try more recipes cooking with my essential oils.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional, and cannot diagnose, cure, or prescribe. Consult your physician before using essential oils to treat an illness for yourself or others. The safety precautions suggested in these posts are guidelines only. 

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